Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Fitness Update: Jan. 19-Mar 19

The fitness journey continues! Find out how much progress I’ve made for the last 2 months.

Fitness Progress:

The fitness journey continues! Good news: I’ve been making slow, steady progress and I’m seeing some changes. But, obviously, I would still like to see more in areas like my arms and tummy since those are where the majority of my fat collects. Here are my new measurements:

I’m down 10lbs since I started (25 total) and I’m finally down to a 14 minute mile from 20 minutes (see all of my goals on The Glow Up) I’ve also worked my way up to 180lbs squatting out of the 250 goal I have. Checkout some of my work out Sessions!


I don’t meal prep:

I decided to stop lying to myself like I have the patience to make a week’s worth of food every Sunday. I’m all for meal prepping, but I also get bored with eating the same food. So I compromised with snack prepping. I try to make sure I have a healthy go-to that will hold me over until I finish cooking and keep me away from fast food. These snacks include soups, tuna, boiled egg whites, almonds, apples, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, sunflower seeds, and other fruits and nuts.

However, I do make a meal plan every week. I tried to be really strict about which meal I choose each day, but I just make a list of 7 choices for meal 1, snack, meal 2, and meal 3. Since I do intermittent fasting. My fasting ratio depends on what I have going on each day but minimum 14 hours standard for me.


April Goals:


Maintain consistent workout routine while traveling (min. 4x/week)

Juice Fast for 1 week

-1 inch on all measurements

Start body weight training / yoga

Ultimately, the goal is continue being consistent and disciplined which will be more difficult while traveling, but I have my resistance bands and jump rope packed away in case I can’t find a Planet Fitness where I am. The summer is approaching and I want to make sure I’m toned enough to feel comfy breaking out the 2 piece.

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