Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

40 Days Away: Upcoming Travel Plans & Scavenger Hunt

I’m back and there’s travel afoot! Check out my upcoming travel plans.

AAAAAAH!! I just love that feeling I get right before I travel. It’s hard to describe. It’s a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and openness.

If you’ve been following my #Imthatfriend post or know me personally, you know that life has been putting me through the wringer lately. Though I’ve been toughing it out with a smile on my face, I need to realign. Traveling always leads to some form of self-discovery for me. So, in an effort to do some soul searching, I’m going to spend 40 days away from Houston exploring, discovering, and experiencing.


Along the way, I have about 9 stops. I may add more depending on how much down time I have in the places that aren’t day trips. I don’t usually take a lot of photos when I travel. So, to hold myself accountable for taking pictures, I came up with a scavenger hunt/ photo challenge for myself to locate a specific place or monument in each city. Here’s the list:

Baltimore – Domino Sugar Sign

DC (Day Trip)– GW Monument

Philly (Day Trip)– LOVE Sculpture

NYC (Day Trip)– The Oculus / Hope Sculpture

Chicago – Cloud Gate

Vancouver – Mountain Scape

LA – Hollywood Sign

Dallas (Day Trip)– Nasher Sculpture Center / Deep Ellum

Puerta Plata, DR – Mount Isabel de Torres

I’m excited to share my travels with you! In the meantime, don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook to follow my adventures.

Do you have any travel coming up? Have you been to any of these places? What are your favorite spots in the city? Let me know in the comments.

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