Tue. Jun 25th, 2019
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Natural Hair Hacks that Calm Your Curls!

Having trouble getting your to behave like you want? Natural hair is a lot of work and it has to be trained, but these hacks will save you time and effort while helping you keep your curl game strong.

Hair care makes up a huge chunk of my beauty routine. Since I can be lazy about hair care and my hair is thick (a blessing and curse), it can get out of control pretty quickly. So, I’m always looking for ways to make doing my hair less of a hassle  while keeping it healthy. Over time, I was able pinpoint ways to keep my curls poppin’ while condensing the amount of time I invest in my hair. Here’s what I found works:


Shower filters

Most people don’t consider environmental factors that affect your hair. Water quality is a silent killer that can be exceptionally hard on your hair (and skin) and not even realize it. Coming from the Mid-south, that boasts about its higher water quality, and going to live in the DMV, where you can physically watch companies pollute water, I almost immediately saw a change (for the worst) in my skin and hair.

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Even if the water isn’t as hard where you live, I still suggest sprite shower filter that removes the harsh chemicals that make your curls crunchy. It only took a week for me to see a difference once I incorporated the filter. Softer hair means less product, which means less $ on product and less time rehydrating. Not to mention, there’s an added comfort that comes with knowing you’re not absorbing as many toxins. I personally recommend Geysa. It’s an 8 stage filter that cleans strips chemicals, fungi, and other gross stuff from water without reducing water pressure. They’re sold on Amazon for about $20.


Water washing

Some people may think this is gross, but I learned this technique from Naptural85 about 3 years ago. Essentially it’s just scrubbing your scalp thoroughly without shampoo to move natural oils down and coat your hair shafts. It works really well for me. Water washing gave my hair definition without product which lead to fewer tangles. I generally wash every 4-5 days for 2-3 weeks. Then, once the 3 weeks are up I shampoo my scalp and start over. The amount of time it takes to see benefits depends on your hair texture. If your hair is pretty oily (mine is), you’ll probably see the benefits within 2 weeks. Here’s the link to Naptural85’s video on waterwashing:



Detangle in the shower (with oil and/or conditioner)

I have a LOT of hair …or at least waaaaay too much to be out here trying to dry detangle with my fingers. If I don’t do a good job of detangling throughout the week, this helps me speed up the process, avoid fairy knots, and mitigate shedding. Wetting the hair helps relax and loosen the coils. Adding oil gives the shaft extra slip and helps loose hair slide off instead of tangle.


Product mixing…specifically with Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a miracle worker for my high porosity hair. Seriously, my hair will soak up dryness in the desert. Don’t believe me? Go to Vegas and find out. Since I lose moisture as fast as my hair can soak it up, vegetable glycerin (a humectant) helps my hair retain moisture. I never actually use this product alone but mixing it with my hair gel or cremes keeps my hair stay moisturized for about a day or 2 longer. I normally get it from Amazon or Walgreens.

Side note: If you’re unsure about your hair porosity, take a look at this article by Naturall Club to help you figure out: “How to care for low, medium, and high porosity hair (Plus three porosity tests you can do today!)


Baggying (with wash-n-go styles)

About once or twice a week (when I’m not slacking) I do a “refresher” just to restore moisture and keep my hair detangled. Midweek detangles are the key to easy…ahem…easier wash days. Simply spritz your hair with water, apply desired product, and detangle from end to root, then wear a plastic cap overnight or a few hours. Be careful not to overdo it because it’s all about balance. From my experience, too much moisture makes your hair stringy.



Seems simple, but I even though I know better, I still will try to rip through my hair without making a single part. Put your hair in sections, and your sections in sections, then section the sections in your sections. It’ll save time and keep you from tearing your hair. It may not seem like it, but sections also save time. I started parting my hair in 8 sections on wash days and I save 15 minutes on detangling and the struggle decreased by at least 30%. Try it.


Ready to take your hair routine to the next level?

The hacks are just like I like it everything: simple, effective, and easy to work into a busy schedule. Many of this tricks I’ll be including in my 2019 Hair Challenge where I’ll be focusing on length retention. Like I said before, I’m always looking for things to upgrade my routine. Help me out! What things do you include in your hair routine that are game changers?

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