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2019: Year of the SELF – Goal Setting

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the new year! I love new beginnings…


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the new year! I love new beginnings and there’s nothing like the new year to get you thinking about who, where, and what you want to be. Since 2015-18 was utter BS, I’m declaring 2019 what I call “The Year of the Self”, meaning it’s all about healing, personal growth, self-care, and self-love.

Every year I make a “F*ck It”(bucket) list of goals I’d like to accomplish by year end. On this list, I put things that I would do because…f*ck it. Why not? Not every goal on my list is revolutionary or Instagram worthy, but they revolve around aspects of myself I think deserve a little extra attention.

I’m assigning a theme/goal to the month I would like to complete the goal by with hopes that, by taking it slow and one day at a time, these goals will grow into habits and evolve into character traits that’ll help me get to my ultimate goal of living a balanced life.

January: Self-Discipline/ Consistency

December 2018 has been about laying ground work and establishing a more consistent, disciplined attitude. I admittedly don’t do well telling myself “no” OR with making myself do things I don’t want to (but need to) do. I’m my own personal yes man.

I realize that I’m not always going to feel motivated to do things. So, I’m rewiring my brain to see the big picture when I feel inconvenienced by things that need to be done, specifically with my self-care routine. It’s the easiest thing to drop when I don’t feel like being bothered because it requires SO much work: minding what I eat, working out, skin care, (natural) hair care, stress management, etc. The idea is to take it one day at a time, be disciplined enough not to push things off, and tell myself no when I’m about to do something that’s not conducive to my goals.

February: Stop fearing vulnerability

I HAAAAATE the ‘V’ word! It gives me the eeby geebies. It’s not a word commonly used in my culture (Black, nor American), but reading a book called “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown put a lot of things in perspective. Fear of being vulnerable (not “perfect”) has caused me to miss several great opportunities to love freely, help others, and live my purpose. This habit no longer serves me… so it’s time to get over myself.

March: Practice Self-compassion:

My dad always used to tell me that I’m hard on people. Little does he know, I’m even harder on myself. I can afford to be less harsh, more patient, and foster a more positive, appreciative inner dialogue.

Growing up in an environment that rejects vulnerability ( there goes that word again), I learned to try to function like a robot. Sometimes I can.  But the more I try to grasp adulthood and understand the complexity of the human condition, the more I realize how important it is to forgive myself for being a human. I hate it, but I make mistakes, occasionally emotions cloud my judgement, and I’m not always in control. I just have to learn and let go.

April: Be dedicated to skin care:

I already have a decent regime. However, I don’t care…there’s something about getting closer to 30 that makes me want to stay moisturized inside and out.

May: Visit/ hug giant redwood tree on the West Coast:

As part of my self-care & stress management routine I’m committed to spending time in nature, especially with trees. Not sure why. I just love trees. Imagine the stories a tree could tell you. They symbolize wisdom to me, and the goal is to make wise decisions this year.

June: Sky dive

Honestly…sometimes…I just do shi*t ‘cause I can and I’m taking leaps of faith all 2019.

July: Learn the basics of real estate

REI is something I’ve always been interested in and would like to get into ASAP. The goal is to start establishing a solid knowledge base and find a mentor before I hop in.

August: Travel for minimum full month

I was thinking about exploring somewhere overseas. Bali? Singapore? Italy? Maybe I’ll just ride around the US. Who knows? I’ve never been afraid to step outside of my comfort zone so traveling has always led to some profound self-discovery.

September: Do a 7 day fast

I have been doing intermittent fasting for years now. I want to see if I can really push myself. Not to mention, fasting has a crap ton of health benefits I want to take advantage of.

October: Support small (black) businesses

I just want to support people who had the courage to pursue their dreams. It’s truly inspiring.

November: Volunteer once a month

Volunteering has always been a large part of my life. It’s more meaningful for me to give my time (not money) because I can’t get it back, and it’s always rewarding to see people smile because of a small gesture.

December: Read a book a month

It’s a shame how many books I buy and never sit down to actually read them to completion which is why I’ve been leaning toward audio books lately. Even so, I have some catching up to do.

I’m feeling as hype as ever about the upcoming year and feeling more committed and consistent than I ever have. I look forward to seeing what I can get done. Cheers to fresh starts, productivity, and good vibes.

Yo, 2019! What’s good?!?

What are your goals for this year?



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